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27 December 2010 @ 03:38 pm
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Hey, Hey; Staff of The Zanarkand Ruins here. Want to join our little roleplaying community? Just click here and apply. NOTE: Joining and Applying to this site only refers to users who are interested in ROLEPLAYING in this here joint. Other users - PLEASE, feel free to watch us to get more updates. :] We are here for your interests, your needs, and your love for roleplay. You won't be disappointed, we'll make sure of it. On your visit here, you'll notice we do a bit more than you'd expect. Simple roleplay isn't the only thing goin' on here. What we will provide for you AU/Canon roleplay, literate/novella, games and side quests in roleplay; such as the famous Blitzball! and a little bit of music here n' there - if you are interested in not ONLY FFX, but the other fantastic Final Fantasy games. Gotta admit, their OSTs are the best, 'eh?

This community holds much more.

So what are you waitin' for? There are no fiends here in the Zanarkand Ruins, so don't worry abour runnin' into 'em. ;]

We're now accepting applications, just apply, and we'll get back at you.
This is your story, it all begins here.