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The Zanarkand Ruins.

A Final Fantasy X Roleplay Community.

Zanarkand, the city of lights.
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A * T H O U S A N D * W O R D S
Just Whistle! } and I promise, i'll come runnin'.
plastic_vinyl - Hey, hey. I'm the RIKKU of this site, here to tell you a bit about myself and what's to come. First, thanks for stopin' by here. This pretty much means you found something interesting about this place, no? I'm glad. I love editing, makin' layouts & roleplaying as well. Like I explained up there, please, by all means sign up! Meetin' new people who share the same interests on here is just an honor.

batmanonacid - Greetings everyone. I will be known as Gippal around here. I appreciate whoever took time to look through our community. Yes, it is fairly new and we hope to get far later on that is, with the help of fans like yourselves. As for me, I welcome anyone with open arms and hope to make new friends during the process. I am best at editing, tutoring, and making second choice decisions. Time run's short now- if you'd like to get to know us better, feel free to contact us!
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