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08 July 2011 @ 09:52 pm
Cleaning up.  
Important Notice:

Now starting on July, 8th, zanarkruins is going to be cleaning out the f-list of members, because of new ideas we're bring to the community. With that said, if you are a roleplaying member of this community, please make sure to comment this entry stating that you are active and wish to continue being apart of this site. We are giving all members a one week reminder before cleaning out our f-list.

Unfortunately, this will go out to all members who joined for the graphic section of this journal. Just to let you guys know, we are sorry, but zanarkruins is going to be held strictly for ROLEPLAY only, nothing more. If you wish to stay, by all means, comment here and we will keep you as a member. If not, feel free to remove us from your list. It will save us the work, but that of course, is optional.

- Vinyl.